Together since they were 14 years old...Finally married in Tenerife (Renata & Igor)

We are happy to share another beautiful beach wedding in Tenerife with you!

Meeting these clients was definitely a moment to remember.  I met them - young, beautiful, loved up couple. They look really young - potentially younger than me. Then they start talking and mention that they have been together for 11 years already. My jaw drops: "11 years?". "Yes", says happy bride. "We have been together since we were 14." 

I can't help myself but smile. That is truly amazing. This absolutely loved up couple which non - stop giggle, cuddle and literally can't take take their eyes off each other have been together since they were 14! Wow.  Now that's what we call couple goals. 

Have you guys ever heard this beautiful SOKO song "First love never dies"? If not, you can find it here:

Well, this song definitely made me believe that first love never dies ;) Totally beautiful. 

The couple is just! The way Igor looks at Renata would make every girl on the planet envy. That's the look of unconditional love, admiration and respect. Renata truly is admirable though - she is super chatty, bubbly, happy, loving life, cute and positive. 

Couple's dream was to get married barefoot, on the beach, just the two of them, enjoy romantic sea view dinner and travel round Tenerife island enjoying the views and fun photoshoot! 

Check their gorgeous Tenerife wedding in our gallery: 

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