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Lovely Wedding in Tenerife 

Here, in Tenerife, we spend our sunny days planning weddings for various couples from all over the world. Meeting so many people is definitely one of most favourite parts of my job.

However, since Barefoot Bride Tenerife is a destination wedding planning company, sometimes we only get to meet our lovely clients for the first time only a couple of days before the wedding when they arrive to Tenerife. That means, we spend days/months or even years speaking with our clients and the moment when we meet is always super exciting - like meeting an old friends you known for years and here they are, finally standing in front of you! 

I still remember meeting Sandra and Evaldas for the first time because it was a super exciting moment. 

I mean, these two are one of funniest people I have met in my whole life. Literally joke after joke, they always kept a very positive attitude and during the whole planning process, I was super excited to receive a new message or an e-mail from this couple because I knew I will laugh my head off ;) 

Little did I know that are even more funny in real life (I did not know it can be even possible, honestly!). 

Big smiles, amazing vibes, great sense of humour and a lot of love - that's the impression I got straight after seeing them in reality. And the groom literally could. not. take. his. eyes. off. Sandra!!! (super adorable to see someone sooo inlove). 

Lovely start of the day getting Sandra's make up and hair done, followed by the photoshoot in some secret Tenerife's spots, sea view wedding ceremony, a glass of champagne and a looooot of dancing!

We loved seeing everyone totally enjoying the moment, being relax and making the most of it. Our talented guitarist Ignacio said he cannot remember last time he saw someone who got such a good dancing moves as the whole wedding - and we can only agree ;)

We miss you, Evaldas ir Sandra, can we please repeat your wedding all over again? xx


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— olga
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