10 reasons why getting married abroad is the best idea ever!

Why should you totally get married abroad?

If you found yourself on our website, chances are, you are considering getting married abroad too and we would love to congratulate you on such an amazing idea! 

The number of people interested in weddings abroad is increasing each other because of a number of various reasons, such as...

1. Wedding abroad is different from the one in your home country... Which means excitement level is going to be high for everyone attending your destination wedding! Some of your guests might visit the country for the first time and they will be truly thrilled to get this new experience. 

2. Getting married abroad is so much more relaxing. Since your guests and the two of you are celebrating abroad, you are already in a holiday mode which means you will feel much more relaxed. Plus, there is no stress about the unpredictable weather - it is ALWAYS sunny in Tenerife! 

3. Venues are spectacular so you are guaranteed lots of incredible pictures. Endless sunshine, blue sky, palm trees and ocean is included in all our destination wedding packages without any extra cost :) 

4. You can be really creative getting married abroad. Everything is going to be different here so no pressure to create a standard type of wedding everybody "expects". Be as creative as you want, try different ideas, surprise your guests. 

5. Significantly lower costs - yes, this is the best part. You can save so much money by getting married abroad! You would be amazed to see what kind of wedding you can have in Tenerife in comparison with your home country. Why? Prices of suppliers are much lower and most of the venues have only a little or even no wedding venue hire fee at all. It means you have so much money left for your honeymoon wardrobe shopping. :) 

6. Your destination wedding planning process is so much easier. Professional wedding planners like Barefoot Bride Tenerife really knows your wedding destination very well and they can professionally advise you on every single question - from fights and accommodation to the best florist in Tenerife or where to get your wedding dress steam ironed before the wedding and everything else in between. We offer both bespoke wedding planning packages and pre-made packages which means you have a great flexibility on how much you want to be involved in your destination wedding planning process. 

7. Getting married abroad is so much more romantic. Leave your everyday routine far away and finally enjoy each other as much as you can. Exotic location, long beach walks, cosy sea view restaurants, world famous extraordinary wines, exciting road trips and endless sunshine... Create new memories, try new things, visit new places and fall in love with each over and over again. 

8. Wedding abroad is very personal. If your wedding guests decided to travel miles and miles to celebrate your destination wedding, you can be sure they are truly excited about your Big Day and they really care about the two of you. And these are the exact kind of people you want to celebrate your sunshine wedding day with! 

9. It can be more appropriate. In case you are getting married not the first time, you may want to do things completely opposite as you did the first time. New person, new place, a completely fresh start. 

10. It just feels so much more luxurious. You wake in your beautiful airy apartment with gorgeous sea views, sip some champagne while getting pampered by the beauty team, arrive at the venue in a superb Cabrio and say your vows surrounded by glorious palm trees and perfectly blue sky. It all feels so clear, so unique and so exciting. You absolutely cannot wait to begin this new chapter of your life! 

Always yours, 

Barefoot Bride Tenerife team xx