Wedding in 5 Stars Hotel in Tenerife Jurgita & Pavel

Being a wedding planner in Tenerife means dealing with a lot of different clients from all around the world. We love all of our clients and we truly enjoy planning every single of our weddings and there is nothing more rewarding than appreciation and love you receive from your happy clients after their Tenerife wedding. And when I think about that, I see Jurgina and Pavel in front of my eyes... 

If you never met this couple, just think about the most inlove, happy, bubbly and caring people you can imagine. They are exactly that. The kind of people you want to be around, the ones who always smile and have so much love in their hearts! I remember you so often, guys and truly wish we will get a chance to reunite soon! 

Jurgita and Pavel wanted a classy, elegant and stylish yet fun and laid-back wedding and this beautiful 5 stars Tenerife hotel was just a perfect choice. 

Romantic bridal preparation, a drive in their fancy cabrio, super emotional wedding ceremony, flamenco show (which was a surprise from the groom to the bride who had no idea! How sweet1), 5 courses dinner, magician show, cake cutting and dancing all night long with one of Tenerife's top bands. Ohhh, and newlywed's first dance was definitely a highlight - Ed Sheran's Talking Out Loud was such a perfect choice to make their love to shine even more <3 

Definitely a wedding I still remember with a big smile on my face, thank you so much for choose Barefoot Bride Tenerife to plan your wonderful sunshine wedding, Jurgita and Pavel! ;) 

Thank you for a wonderful wedding in Tenerife which was perfectly organised! Dovile, you were our wedding planner and now you became our family’s friend too!
— Jurgita
Dovile Urbanite