Planning a wedding abroad... (Karina and Rokas Tenerife wedding)

Choosing Tenerife as their wedding destination wasn't a random choice for Karina and Rokas - groom's family live in this always sunny paradise island (what a great choice!;).

For their wedding, couple decided to choose late September - our favourite time for a wedding in Tenerife. It is just perfect - temperature drops down a little but evenings still really warm, also it is not that busy everywhere as during summer months. Also, wedding abroad in September is a great way to deal with an upset that the summer is over! 

First of all, couple contacted us with a request to help out with a wedding a little - they already had their venue chosen and were only looking for somebody to decorate the venue and coordinate the day. 

However, we have to be truthful here - planning a wedding from abroad is NOT easy and dealing with Spanish could be a bit of a nightmare too, especially if you not patient enough to wait a while for their responses and try to communicate with suppliers when your Spanish is as basic as "una cerveza por favor!" (you surely know that, don't you?:) ) 

Hence, time was running, progress was slow and we could see bride and groom getting stressed. STRESSED ABOUT YOUR WEDDING DAY?! That's a big fat NO NO for Barefoot Bride Tenerife team. So, we decided to act... 

Even though we were initially hired as wedding day coordinators only, we suggested we should change wedding venue, menu, timetable and basically plan the whole new wedding. Note : there was like 3 weeks before the wedding day... I got to be honest here - I was feeling really nervous trying to guess how bride and groom are going to react - but to my happiness and surprise they decided to go for it! 

On the way day, I was worried. Couple never seen the wedding venue before, they just totally trust me to on everything - new venue, menu, decor decisions. It was either going to be a disaster or a huge success.

Result? Amazing, truly happy couple and their guests, big smiles, when they entered their gorgeous sea front wedding venue, heard the sound of the saxophone and were welcomed with a cold glass of champagne while enjoying breathtaking views. 

Definitely a wedding to remember for our team, not only because of a very unexpected way it all twisted but also because bride, groom and their whole wedding party was undoubtedly one of the nicest people I have ever met <3 

Hugging and kissing everyone goodbye after the wedding was so sweet and I would love to see you all again and go through the memories of this amazing day all over again! ;) 

My wedding day was perfect, decorations were absolutely stunning and the ceremony was beautiful! To be honest, I didn’t expect that my wedding venue could look so gorgeous, but she did everything perfectly and I was truly amazed with everything Dovile did! She really is the best wedding planned on the island, so if you wanna have a dream wedding, she is the one to plan it for you!!! <3 <3
— Karina

Karina, thank you for a lovely review you left us, so cute! ;) xxx

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