Surprise beach proposal in Tenerife

What could be more romantic than a beach proposal in Tenerife ...?

Sometimes, our team has to react super quick... From the moment when Matis contacted us first, to planned his Tenerife beach proposal time was less than 24 hour! 

Firstly, Matis was planning just to pop a question on the beach but then he realised that this is the moment they are going to remember till the rest of their lives - it has to be organised till the smallest detail. That's when Barefoot Bride Tenerife received a call...

"After 7 years together, I want to propose to my wonderful girlfriend Avital. Please help me to make this happen. I want to really surprise her and propose to get in Tenerife, on a beach." - said excited yet nervous Matis.

We quickly discussed the idea - couple walked down the beach where our team prepared writing boards with a romantic introduction followed with the last one saying "So today I want to ask you..." Then, Matis went on one knee and asked his very surprised and happy girlfriend to marry him just there. on a beautiful beach in Tenerife! 

What happens then was just pure, huge happiness - tears, kisses, hugs and smiles. Our videographer and photographer team was secretly around all the time to capture these beautiful moments...

Followed by this, Matis and Avital enjoyed a romantic beach picking surrounded by candle lights, watching sunset, drinking champagne, enjoying some delicious sushi, fresh fruits and various local Tenerife sweets.

After their Tenerife proposal, we received an email:

Thank you Barefoot Bride Tenerife team for the perfect organisation of our proposal, it is such a beautiful memory ,we will never forget this moment!
— Matis

Our team couldn't help ourselves but smile the whole evening, it feels so incredibly amazing to help people to create memories of their life and be a part of it! We wish Matis and Avital many many years together <3 May your life together alway


Want to plan a surprise proposal in Tenerife for your special one? 

Tenerife really is such a magical place to propose and our team would absolutely love to plan it for you! Please get in touch with us and let us arrange the most beautiful and memorable proposal. It is very simple, just contact us here :)

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