Choosing your perfect bridal bouquet for your sunshine wedding

We know the frustration - choosing colour scheme and type of flowers you prefer for your Tenerife wedding can be really really tricky (we think this comes as third biggest dilemma after choosing your fabulous wedding dress and well, finding a man to marry in it too ;) )  Yes, your beloved hubby might not really get it but we, women, definitely understand that the struggle is real and you simply care about EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL! 

As we say, it is your Tenerife wedding, your day - your way ;) 

Since so many of you have been asking for some pictures for an inspiration when deciding about what style bouquet to choose, we got it all covered for you. Enjoy scrolling and picking down the page and choosing your perfect Tenerife wedding bridal bouquet prepared by our very own, super talented florist Julia. 


Dovile Urbanite