10 Unique ideas for a stunning wedding abroad

Looking for some unique ideas to make sure your abroad wedding is truly memorable? 

So you decided to get married abroad? What a wonderful decision! It means you probably love thinking outside the box and non-traditional wedding is something that you would truly enjoy! That's why we prepared you a great list of exciting ideas how you make your abroad wedding truly memorable. 

1. Choose unique place.  Have you ever considered getting married on the top of the mountain? No? Then you might be missing out on the place location ever. Not convinced? Just check our stunning pictures gallery from our recent wedding in Tenerife below ;) 

2. Choose non-traditional bridal bouquet. What about the stunning, unique our bride Magda chosen for her wedding day in Tenerife? We are just in love! 

3. Have a very intimate wedding. Perfect wedding doesn't mean you have to invite many people and spend a fortune on your big day. Intimate weddings with your dearest and nearest are just as unique and romantic as big parties minus big expenses & a headache. 

4. Get married in winter. Yup. Here in Tenerife, we organise weddings all year round, even in the middle of the winter. What could be better than escaping the cold and snow and say I do in the beautiful sunny place in January? Yes. It is absolutely possible in Tenerife. 

5. Barefoot wedding. Our favourite one. There is nothing more unique and relaxing than being a barefoot bride, trust us on this one. 

6. Unique menu. Sit down meal isn't necessary anymore. Enjoy a huge pan of fresh, Tenerife made paella accompanied with some sangria. Your guests will just LOVE it. 

7. Create a unique wedding playlist. We all love Ed Sheeran but what about a wonderful local Tenerife musician performing with a ukulele? This is our ultimate song of the choice! 

8. Get married under the unique wedding arch. We love the bamboo one, decorated with some fresh leaves as the one on the pictures below from our beautiful Tenerife wedding.  

9. Choose an early morning or a sunset wedding. It guarantees perfect, soft lighting for pictures.  

10. Get married quickly. Gone these days when you had two starts planning your abroad wedding two years in advance. Feel like getting married here and now? No problem. We have planned a Tenerife wedding in as little as two days in the past so we are totally ready to accept the challenge :) 

 with love, 

your BBT team xx 


All photos by our amazing photographer Lilly - she is such a diamond and we are so happy to have her in our team! 

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