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The Venue

There is a minimum 6000€ spend in a venue but that includes venue hire fee, chairs, tables rent, clothes etc. with no additional fee. Therefore, 6000€ can be spend on food and beverages during the wedding party. The area is absolutely private and stunningly beautiful.

The venue has an opportunity to have a cash bar or an open bar.

Other free perks include:

Tasting menú for the couple

Menu cards for each guest

Special rate for accommodation

1 double room for one night (Weddings between 50 and 99 people)

1 suite for one night ( Weddings from 100 people)


Wedding menus start from 110€ per person and include:

Welcome cocktail 4 appetizer (30m)

Menu: starter, main course, dessert

Drink package

1h Open bar

Midnight snack

Children menus are available from 35€. 

Capacity: 40 - 100+ guests (although small groups are acceptable but we would recommend to consider this venue if you expect to have over 40 guests)

Located in Torviscas, South Tenerife. 


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