Ultimate Grace


The Venue

The wedding ceremony takes place either by waterfalls or upstairs the hotel in their huge terrace, surrounded by swimming pools. Tenerife wedding parties up to 25 people can have the dinner in the beautiful restaurant inside the hotel, while parties over 25 have their dinner set up outside the hotel, surrounded by beautifully lifted up swimming pools (as in the pictures). This well-known Tenerife wedding venue also has a super after-party area, where your wedding guests can keep dancing until the early hours. 

Capacity: 2 - 100+ guests

Located in Del Duque area, South Tenerife. 


  • For groups over 25 people - menus start from 88€ per person, children half price

  • For small wedding parties, up to 25 people - menus start at 103€ per person, children half price

  • Buffet menus available from the minimum of 60 people from 67€per person.

Private inside area is available for an afterparty hire with personal bartenders and various entertainment. 


 You will receive: the design and printing of the menu cards; the printing of the seating plan; table centrepieces; white tablecloths; chairs with white covers and sashes of gold, pink, fuchsia pink pattern, turquoise or red. 

Bonuses for Tenerife weddings over 25 people - a complimentary night and breakfast in the hotel. 


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