Love Story

Vita and Kieron

Beautiful destination wedding

Vita and Kieron were dreaming about destination wedding and they come to celebrate their wedding even from Australia itself, so the distance doesn’t matter if the desire is greater. Vita and Kieron is a wonderful couple who complement each other. So what they love the most about each other?

VITA: I love his sense of humor and how he always makes me laugh. I love how smart he is. He always challenges me intellectually. I love the way he shows affection towards me. He makes me feel important, special and loved. 
KIERON: I love how no challenge is ever too big for Vita to tackle, once she puts her mind to it, she will not stop until the task is done (our wedding and honeymoon are a great example). Vita supports me no matter how crazy my ideas are and that is really amazing. And like Vita said, I love that she laughs at my jokes, no matter how corny they are. She is the best!


♡ What was your vision for the wedding?
To have our nearest and dearest friends and family together to celebrate our big day. We wanted to have a small and intimate wedding and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. It was so special to be able to spend quality time with everyone during our time in Tenerife and on our wedding day.

♡ Why did you choose to celebrate your wedding in Tenerife with Barefoot Bride?
Kieron and I always wanted a destination wedding, so it was just a matter of choosing the location. Neither of us had been to Tenerife before, so once we started looking into it and researching a bit more, Tenerife ticked so many boxes for us. Great weather all year long, beautiful scenery, tropical setting. Since I am Lithuanian myself and all my immediate family are still living there (while we both live in Australia), and we also have many friends around Europe, choosing a location for a wedding in Tenerife was very convenient for everyone to travel to.

♡ How did you choose the wedding venue? What did you like most about it?
The Barefoot Bride team was super helpful when choosing and deciding on the wedding venue. Since we live so far away, we couldn’t come and check the venues out ourselves, so the recommendations and suggestions were a massive help for us. We liked the fact that this venue was one of the most popular ones, meaning it was already tested by many newly weds before and the reviews and recommendations were outstanding. In the end, we could not have been happier with the outstanding job they did on the wedding day – the ceremony, decorations, food, drinks, staff and attention to detail was second to none. We could not recommend this venue enough!

♡ What was most memorable on your wedding day?
Tell us about your wedding day impression in a few words.
Seeing our loved ones all in one place in such a beautiful location, was really special and emotional for us. Most memorable was our wedding party – we will remember that night forever!

♡ Your advice to other couples who dream about a wedding in Tenerife.
DO IT! Don’t even think about it. It will be the best decision you will ever make. Barefoot Bride team will help you along the way with sound advice and look after every little detail along the way. No request was too much to handle by the team and that really removed the stress during the planning and on our special day. Stress free and easy is the best way to describe using Barefoot Bride. I never thought that wedding planning (and especially overseas!) can be so smooth and actually enjoyable.

Photographer: Lilly Verhaegen
Florist: Yulya Latyshenko

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