Love Story

Aneta and Dovydas

Dreamy luxurious wedding

Bride Aneta was so confident about herself, you can tell it by her calm look and smile. And Dovydas couldn‘t distract his gaze from his future wife. 

3 things that Aneta and Dovydas love the most about each other is 3 L’s – Laughing, learning and loving together!


♡ What was your vision for the wedding?
We had a vision of a dreamy luxurious wedding somewhere with good, warm weather and view guaranteed.

♡ Why did you choose to celebrate your wedding in Tenerife with Barefoot Bride?
We heard a lot good reviews about Dovile and her team and also we just love Tenerife. When we decided to get married in Tenerife we had no doubt about Barefoot Bride. They were our choice Nr.1.

♡ How did you choose the wedding venue? What did you like most about it?
Barefoot Bride offers a lot of amazing venues to choose from and it was really hard to pick one. Once we saw the venue that we chose- we fell in love with it. Ceremony place and dinner view left us speechless.

♡ What was most memorable on your wedding day?
Your wedding day impression in a few words.

Pretty much everything was WOW on a big day, but the best thing that could have happened for a happy couple was that everything went smoothly according to plan. This takes all the anxiety away and you can simply enjoy.

♡ Your advice to other couples who dream about a wedding in Tenerife.
If you are already sure about Tenerife as your wedding place – get ready for your dreams to come true and your wedding to be magical. There’s nothing that Barefoot Bride can’t do!

Photographer: Lilly Verhaegen
Florist: Yulya Latyshenko

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