Love Story

Neda and Markas

Fairytale wedding

Luxurious wedding of beautiful and stylish couple Neda and Markas were held in one of our most spectacular wedding venues – Opulent Palace.

This couple was very warm, always smiling and laughing. Their wows to each other were so emotional and beautiful, that not only the newlyweds themselves but the wedding guests also couldn’t hold their tears.


♡ What was your vision for the wedding?
Our vision for the wedding was to have a cozy ceremony, a beautiful dinner and crazy party in a breathtaking location with our closest friends and family.

♡ Why did you choose to celebrate your wedding in Tenerife with Barefoot Bride?
We got engaged in Tenerife, so it was a special place already. The main reasons we chose Tenerife were that it is always sunny and warm, nature is stunning and we didn’t want to have hundreds of guests on our wedding day (only the closest people) which wouldn’t be possible if we would chose to celebrate in our home country. We chose Barefoot Bride as our wedding planner because we don’t live in Tenerife and we needed someone we can trust who knows everything in there and have experience with wedding planning. So we did some research who can help us and we found Barefoot Bride with the best reviews. We contacted Dovile (the owner), had a meeting and we just knew that we want her as our wedding planner.

♡ How did you choose the wedding venue? What did you like most about it?
Our dream was to get married surrounded by beautiful nature. So we went to couple places and we loved them all, but then Dovile showed us Bahia Del Duque Hotel we had no doubt that we want to celebrate our big day there! Everything was gorgeous! The garden for the ceremony was green and full of beautiful birds, dinner place was so elegant and location for the party was private and cozy. We literally fell in love with our venue!

♡ What was most memorable on your wedding day?
Tell us about your wedding day impression in a few words.
Everything! To be honest, it was the best day for us and everything went perfect!  But if we have to choose just couple things it would be the ceremony, dinner with fun games for us and our guests, first dance and the party where we danced until we couldn’t walk anymore. But we also have to say that the venue itself was one of the most memorable things too. We couldn’t ask for more beautiful place to get married and all the service they provided was impeccable. We wish that we could come back and repeat our wedding day all over again!

♡ Your advice to other couples who dream about a wedding in Tenerife.
Don’t be nervous about getting married abroad and just do it! It’s not that hard to organise especially with help and a wedding planner! It was the best decision for us and we highly recommend to do it! Barefoot Bride will find an amazing solution for any kind of budget and will help your dreams to come true.

♡ 3 things you love the most about each other.
The 3 things we love about each other are honesty, respect and a good sense of humour!

Photographer: Mi Lima Limon 
Florist: Yulya Latyshenko

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